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Just a section of a bigger watercolor piece I did.

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Some watercolor studies and practice. Eh… learning bit by bit. The first subject I chose is a plastic toy eyeball. Yes, I am an idiot.

Oldest from top to bottom. (2/5/2014-2/18/2014)

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My entry to Alex Hirsch’s twitter coloring contest~

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Some more study stuff I did between October and this December. I was working on evoking mood using colors. So, even though they’re pretty rough, I hope I accomplished my goal.

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Some stuff I did for a class earlier this month.

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Yammy Days - Episode 1: Keeping Continuity

Here’s the first episode! The one I’m discussing continuity responsibility with is with my friend, Carina. In later years I wasn’t an avid watcher of the Futurama, but as soon as I saw the episode I remembered Bender’s original origin from years ago. I really don’t know how such oversights exist. The shows have entire staffs, and no one thought that was strange?

Originally recorded: September 20, 2013

Hey guys. I started a little webseries as part of my class assignment. I’d greatly appreciate you clicking through to view it. :)

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