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If you’ve got an Android device, be sure to check out the “Mystery _hack” app available now on the Google Play Story. It allows you to decode all the hidden messages within Gravity Falls and make your own! It’s actively being updated so be sure to rate & review it as well as contact the developer with ideas on improving it! An iOS version is on it’s way as well!

Just a thing I quickly helped design.

(via fuckyeahgravityfalls)

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Here’s a thing I made for class. My first foray into stop motion. Heh. It’s about friendship and stuff.

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On the Highline at New York City. I like the juxtaposition of growing flowers and steel buildings and construction. NYC has lots of beautiful plant life, so I’m glad to capture some of it on camera.

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You can’t really see it in the first photo, but in the second you can see the Empire State Building way in the distance. DUMBO, Brooklyn.

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DUMBO, Brooklyn is filled with artwork. Here’s swan graffiti in a tunnel.

(Source: yazzyart)

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Sketches from Sketch Night at the Society of Illustrators..

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There’s an instagram filter over this that I’m absolutely loving, so I’m gonna try and replicate the effect to put on the full drawing. Inked by chocari, colored by me (nearly done.)

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